Statement from Cathi Herrod on LD 15 Senate Race

From Center for Arizona Policy Action President Cathi Herrod:

Voting your values in the LD 15 Senate Primary between Nancy Barto and Heather Carter is about character as well as issues.

Carter tweeted a constituent’s endorsement saying he is NRA (National Rifle Association). Barto has an A rating and Carter a C rating from the NRA. Don’t be fooled that the constituent is the NRA and endorsing Carter.

The Carter campaign website’s home page shows her with Gov. Ducey and a quote from Gov. Ducey. The campaign sent a robocall with the Ducey quote, saying, “stay tuned for a message from Gov. Ducey”. The quote was from an event totally unrelated to the campaign. That appears to be unauthorized use of Governor Ducey’s quote and voice to imply an endorsement. Gov. Ducey has not endorsed in the race.

Carter says she’s pro-life but votes against the simplest of bills to provide funding for abortion alternatives. Not once but twice. In explaining her second vote, she loudly and angrily proclaims she is pro-life then votes again against the funding. Carter also sponsored a resolution to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a move that likely would enshrine abortion rights in the Constitution.

Carter repeatedly votes against parents being able to choose the school that best meets their children’s needs.

Carter even voted twice against churches who rent their property from getting a tax break like churches who own their property. The tax break helps the smaller churches often serving the most vulnerable in our community. She also sponsored legislation that grants special privileges to certain groups and is used as a sword against people of faith.

Character matters. Voting records matter. The choice in LD 15 is clear. Vote for Nancy Barto.

Spread the word to everyone in LD 15 to vote for Nancy Barto, the true conservative. Barto has led the legislative fights for preborn children, their mothers and fathers, parental rights, and religious freedom. It’s time for all who cherish those freedoms to stand up and say I’m voting for Nancy Barto.