A Statement by Cathi Herrod, Esq., President, Center for Arizona Policy Action

Arizonans are not radical abortion supporters like those at today’s press conference, who called abortion “a blessing” and praised California-style abortion policy like that in the proposed Arizona ballot measure.

Abortion activists behind the proposition making abortion a fundamental right in Arizona, held a press conference today to launch their signature gathering campaign to get the initiative on the November 2024 ballot. The measure would tear down virtually all pro-life precautions and make it nearly impossible to regulate abortion.

Proponents hide the radical nature of the amendment in the exceptions because they know that about two-thirds of Americans oppose such late-term abortions and support regulations on abortion.

Arizona voters deserve transparency and honesty, and that is not what they are getting from the abortion industry behind the proposed constitutional amendment enshrining near unrestricted abortion into state law. Claims made by the campaign mislead voters by portraying the abortion ballot measure as limited, when, in reality, the exemptions will always allow abortion at any stage of development and throughout all nine months of pregnancy, as long as the abortion provider signs off on it.

The broad exemption of “mental health” of the mother after viability is widely understood, even in the courts, to mean virtually anything the abortion provider wants it to mean, including stress or anxiety. Even barbaric partial-birth abortion is legal under this exemption.

In addition, the language prohibits virtually all safety precautions and commonsense regulations on abortion, including holding accountable the abortion provider for shoddy work or the sex trafficker who forces girls to have abortions to cover his crimes.

If the abortion industry behind this California-style abortion measure is honest with Arizona voters, proponents won’t get the signatures they need for making it on the 2024 ballot.

On this most somber of days, I will be brief and to the point in my call to action to the Pro-Life Community:

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