If the fact that partially born babies can be aborted is not enough to repulse voters, there are plenty of other reasons to oppose the new proposed constitutional amendment making abortion a new “fundamental right” in Arizona.

Contrary to what abortion activists are claiming, the “Arizona Abortion Access Act” does not simply codify Roe, and it does not prohibit abortion after the baby is viable, meaning able to live outside the mother’s womb. The measure goes far beyond that to strip away nearly every pro-life law in Arizona, supersede parental rights, and protect traffickers, among other things. Deceptively written to hide the dirty details, the measure appears basic to abortion supporters, even those who support limitations. However, the consequences reach far and wide.

After reviewing the ballot measure language and consulting with a number of highly qualified attorneys, it is clear this intentionally vague, broad measure was carefully written to serve every interest of the abortion industry with no regard for the lives of the unborn, women, girls, parents, or conscience of healthcare professionals. It is an abortion activist’s dream.

Here are just some of the facts the attorney review found that you won’t hear in the news media or from abortion proponents:

  1. Abortion up to birth. The limitation on abortion at the point of viability is in name only. The nearly universal exceptions beyond viability make stress reason enough for a mother-to-be to abort a full-term baby. And only the abortionist, who stands to profit from doing the abortion, gets to decide if the abortion is necessary due to the woman’s mental health. By not defining “health” in the exception for the “health of the individual,” the measure sets up abortionists to simply rubber stamp any and all abortions.
  2. Puts women and girls at great risk. It leaves medical officials without a standard by which to hold substandard abortion clinics and practitioners accountable for harming women, girls, or inhumanely treating the unborn. It leaves the decision to the abortionist’s “judgement.” The vagueness of “judgement” leaves the medical licensing board powerless to govern practitioners.
  3. Unrestricted, unregulated abortion. The measure forbids any law, regulation, policy, or practice that denies, restricts, or interferes with the new “fundamental right” to abortion. It ties the hands of lawmakers, prohibiting them from implementing most safety regulations or limitations on abortion.
  4. Strips away nearly all pro-life laws in Arizona. Nearly all of Arizona’s laws protecting women and shielding the unborn would be undone because of the loopholes, exceptions, and qualifications in the language.
    • No more requirement to inform women and girls of the risks of abortion, or other options
    • No more ultrasounds offered prior to getting an abortion
    • No more doctor requirement to perform an abortion, allowing non-physicians to perform the surgery
    • No more requirement to have parental consent if a 12, 13, or 14 year old girl wants an abortion
    • No more requirement to provide medical care for a baby born alive during an abortion attempt
    • No more limitations based on the development of the unborn baby
    • No prohibition on the inhumane partial-birth abortion procedure

      Just to name a few.

  5. Protects abusers and human traffickers. Lawmakers cannot pass laws regulating or penalizing anyone or any entity who assists an individual in getting an abortion. Abusers and traffickers can force girls and women they trafficked to get abortions so they can cover their crimes. It also prevents parents from seeking justice if their daughter is the victim of abuse.
  6. Forces taxpayers to pay for abortions.
  7. No option to protect or consider the unborn baby suffering excruciating pain. Lawmakers could not protect the unborn from pain during late term dismemberment abortions or even partial-birth abortions.
  8. Strips away conscience protections for healthcare workers who oppose abortion. Healthcare professionals would be forced to participate in abortions or risk losing their livelihood.

We need your help to expose this radical measure, starting right now. To help fund our opposition to this effort, CAP Action seeks donations up to $5,000 per individual. Current legal restrictions on campaign finance due to Prop 211 requires disclosure of private information about our donors who give more than $5,000. Bear in mind that these contributions are not tax deductible; however, they will go directly to combat this inhumane ballot measure.

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