Today, the abortion industry filed an inhumane ballot measure that goes far beyond Roe with intentionally vague language. The measure would enshrine painful partial-birth abortion into Arizona’s constitution, while also stripping away safety precautions for women and the rights of parents.

The measure not only allows abortion up to birth but forbids the state from shielding unborn babies from excruciating pain, dismemberment, or any other humane limitation. It quite literally is abortion on demand for any reason, at any stage of development, even partially born.

It leaves parents in the dark while their daughters struggle to make one of their most consequential decisions alone.

And instead of owning up to the radical realities in clear language, the measure deceitfully first includes the limitation of viability, then nullifies it with a broad, universal exemption that allows stress to be reason enough for a late term abortion.

It leaves women’s health subject to substandard abortion clinics with little to no legal requirements to ensure their health and safety. No standards would be allowed that hold abortion clinics and practitioners accountable for harming women.

Arizonans are not rabidly pro-abortion, willing to sacrifice humane precautions for the unborn baby and the mother. But it’s up to us to make the case.

This doesn’t catch us by surprise. We’ve closely watched other state battles, monitored abortion industry statements here, and talked with our state allies. More than ever, you can rely on CAP Action to engage in defending the lives of preborn babies and their mothers. Abortion not only takes the lives of precious preborn babies, but we also know it harms women and men.

There is no question that this will be a monumental task – both in terms of a coalition of statewide pro-life advocates, and yes, financial resources. It will take all of us joining together. The abortion industry will be well-funded. Already, abortion proponents are saying they will have $30 to $40 million for this fight.

Right now, we can only request donations up to $5,000, and there is one simple reason why: Prop 211 requires disclosure of private information about our donors.

While our associated organization, Center for Arizona Policy, has filed a lawsuit to have this unconstitutional law overturned, in the meantime, we will not risk being forced to disclose your identity! If the law stands, then I will be asking you to contribute to a separate political committee.

What this means is my team and I need as many of you, who are reading this email today, to respond with your most significant (and yes, non-tax-deductible) contribution possible! We cannot allow this culture of death to win the day in Arizona! Not on our watch!

Click here to make an immediate impact as we fight for LIFE in Arizona!