A stolen bicycle is a higher priority for law enforcement in Phoenix than the illegal ending of unborn human life and the safety and well-being of the mother. The Phoenix City Council voted 6-2 this week to ignore state law restricting abortion, and it passed a resolution stating women have a “right” to abortion. Councilmen Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring voted “no.” The resolution holds no real weight and doesn’t change the law in any way, but Mayor Kate Gallego has instructed Phoenix law enforcement to make violating Arizona’s abortion law the lowest priority. Police will investigate petty crime before holding an abortionist responsible for violating the law, ending a life, and putting the woman at risk.  

Tucson has taken a similar stance. 

This audacious move reveals how committed pro-abortion activists are to making a profit or winning a campaign regardless of the cost. If pro-abortion activists cannot win in the legislature or the courts, they will simply defy the law. It is a dangerous precedent to set. Once allowed to go down the road of choosing which laws to follow and which to defy, there is no end. The rule of law is reduced to the officeholders’ whims.  

But the Democratic party does not seem to have much regard for rule of law. Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes and Maricopa County Attorney candidate Julie Gunnigle have promised they would not uphold Arizona’s abortion laws if elected. Mayes wants to be the state’s top law enforcer, and Gunnigle wants to be Maricopa County’s top attorney – but both admit they will ignore the rule of law and only uphold the laws with which they agree. Stunning. 

Gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs has also shown disdain for Arizona abortion law. She does not support the pre-Roe law prohibiting most abortions, or the 15-week limit. On Face the Nation last Sunday, Hobbs refused to put any limit on abortion. Asked what week of pregnancy she would support a limit, Hobbs refused to answer – revealing her extreme view that abortion should be legal up to the point of birth. Watch it here at 5:23 into the interview. 

One news report pointed out the fact that none of the top Democratic elected officials would comment on Hobbs’ refusal to put a limit on abortion, “Representatives for President Biden, Vice President Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., all declined to respond to requests for comment from Fox News Digital on whether they agree with Hobbs’ stance.” 

These are the same people who repeatedly call the pro-life position “extreme.” They have been able to set the narrative that pro-life candidates are extreme, without divulging the extent of their views or being asked by the news media if they would limit abortion at all. They hide behind the vague claim of “supporting reproductive rights,” without revealing the fact they would support abortion up to birth. They do this because they know it is a very unpopular position. 

Democratic candidates have been able to hide their extreme views on many pressing issues, including religious freedom, educational freedom, parental rights, funding police, and immigration.

Visit azvoterguide.com to see where many of the candidates stand on some of these issues. Visit azaction.org to see our candidate endorsements.  


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