Center for Arizona Policy Action (CAP Action) Endorsements

I’ve been asked many times this week for a list of candidates to vote for in the November election. The full list of CAP Action endorsed candidates is here. In making these endorsements, our team has carefully vetted the candidate’s record, including voting records. In many cases, we conducted interviews. These candidates are committed to voting pro-life and pro-freedom.

State Legislative Races

Whether Arizona has a pro-life, pro-freedom state legislature will be decided this fall by 6 or 7 state legislative districts. These “down ballot” races are critical for the future of our state. Don’t overlook these races. Follow our endorsements here. Read how the candidates answered questions on key issues at

Judges and School Board Candidates and Political Contributions – New Dashboard

Check out our new dashboard at to discover campaign contributions made by judicial and school board candidates. It’s another way to evaluate the philosophy and likely performance of those individuals once on the bench or in office.

Interacting with Others

Another frequent question I get:  “How do I talk to others about the presidential election?” Some suggestions include:

  • Do you want Donald Trump or Joe Biden nominating judges? Do you want Martha McSally or Mark Kelly voting to confirm those judges?
    • President Trump has kept his promise to nominate judges from a list of well-qualified constitutionalists. The latest nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, is one of the most outstanding, well-qualified jurists ever nominated. Check out this column by a liberal Harvard law professor stating Barrett has the credentials and deserves to be on the bench.
    • Joe Biden, however, has refused to name anyone that he would appoint to the bench. He also has refused to say whether he would pack the U.S. Supreme Court with more liberal judges. Yet, we know Biden as Senate Judiciary Committee chair, aggressively and unfairly attacked Justice Clarence Thomas in his confirmation hearings.
    • Martha McSally has stated she will vote for Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. Her voting record shows she has voted for judicial nominees that interpret the law, not make the law. Mark Kelly has voiced is opposition to Barrett’s confirmation. If you missed the McSally/Kelly debate this week, watch it here.
  • In voting for President, you are voting for a “package” not just Trump or Biden. Be sure to consider the differences between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.
    • Pence is unapologetically pro-life with a lifetime of public service backing up his stated positions. The Trump Administration has placed many long-time, committed pro-life leaders in key federal administration positions, leading to policies that protect preborn children, their mothers, and conscience rights of medical professionals.
    • Harris supports abortion on demand for any reason, at any gestational age, regardless of the age of the mother. As California Attorney General, Harris went after pro-life hero David Daleiden, the citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood executives admitting they sold baby body parts. Harris also was vicious in her attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his judicial confirmation hearings.
  • Wayne Grudem has posted helpful writings at He lists 30 reasons to support President Trump. Also, consider his “Letter to an Anti-Trump Friend.” In it, Dr. Grudem answers the concern by some that they can’t vote for President Trump because of his character, his supposed tendency to lie, and his past immoral behavior. They say character is more important than policy. Well, both are important. Dr. Wayne Grudem makes a case for supporting President Trump, despite concerns, “Pres Trump’s good actions on behalf of the American people reflect well on his character. His character should be assessed based on the things he has done as well as [his flaws].” Grudem continued, “We need a balanced assessment of Trump’s character… He is basically a good president with some faults.”

We cannot understate the profound impact of this election and its implications!

So many of our ministry friends reach out to us asking, “Who should we vote for?”

As Center for Arizona Policy Action, we give you our endorsements with our foundational values in full view. Pray. Then vote!

In the meantime, please keep in mind that this work cannot exist without the prayerful and financial support of friends like you!

On this Friday, take a moment to make your best non-tax-deductible contribution to Center for Arizona Policy Action! Thank you!