A Statement by Cathi Herrod, Esq., President, Center for Arizona Policy Action

Senator Elect, Nancy Barto’s significant win over the incumbent reflects Arizona values in the state’s 15th legislative district. Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars from outside progressive donors spent on securing a Heather Carter win, Arizona voters could not be bought.

Nancy Barto ran on a solid pro-life, pro-educational freedom, pro-parental rights record – and won. Voters in LD 15 have rejected the notion that they have no choice but to move to the left. Arizona voters value their freedoms and their right to make the best choices for their families in education and elsewhere. They have shown that they value the lives of the preborn and their mothers by sending Nancy Barto to the Arizona Senate.

Congratulations to Senator Elect, Nancy Barto and her campaign team at The Resolute Group for a race well run.

Read her statement here.

This victory for Arizona would not have been possible without support from engaged voters like you. Thank you for your involvement and for supporting pro-life champions like Nancy Barto.

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